Nicole Alexandra – Featured Boater Girl

Name: Nicole Alexandra

Age: 29

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

Have you ever seen a boat race?  Yes

What’s the fastest you’ve ever been in a boat? 60mph

Who is your favorite type of boat? Cigarette

Would you enjoy going over 100+ MPH in a speed boat? If it was safe and I was strapped in pretty good! lol I love going fast because Im a car girl & race my cars, but a boat is alot different! Never been that fast on a speed boat or boat before for that matter. 🙂

Where’s your favorite beach/boating spot? I love Florida!! But on weekends I go out on my friends boat and they dock out of Tim’s River Shore.

Describe yourself in 3 words.  We have to do this at our bikini contest all the Milwaukee Web Design time when we are filling out our info sheets and I can never think of anything to say about my self.! lol So I usually just say “Slippery when wet”.! lol  But im super fun, friendly, loyal, mysterious, confident, and dangerously sexy 🙂

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? I don’t drink that much but when I do I usually order a Regular or Mango Margarita on the rocks with Salt 😉

What’s the worst pick up line someone has used on you?  “Nice shoes, wanna Fuck”! lol and if I can’t say that then, “Did it hurt? When you feel from Heaven”.! lol

Are you single? Ive been in a relationship for alomost 3years now 🙂 Hopefully he will propose soon, *hint, hint* lol!

What’s your favorite vacation spot? Def. south! I love North Carolina & Florida.

Where can our Xplode Powerboat fans find you? (Website/Fb/Twitter)  They can find me on Fb, on my main page & my modeling fb page, or on Model Mayhem.

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