Princess Mandy Mo – Featured Boater Girl

Name: Princess Mandy Mo (That’s my real full name)

Age: 32 Yrs Young 😉

Hometown: Sunny West Palm Beach, FL

Have you ever seen a boat race? Nope

What’s the fastest you’ve ever been in a boat? Not very fast because I actually get motion sickness Reno Web Design sometimes.

Who is your favorite type of boat? Cigarette

Would you enjoy going over 100+ MPH in a speed boat? Sure, I am always up for a good adrenaline rush.

Where’s your favorite beach/boating spot? Miami Beach of course.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Happy, Fun, and Athletic.

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? Champagne or sweet/white wines of course!

What’s the worst pick up line someone has used on you? When I’m at the gym and a guy asks if I need a spot or a hand. Umm, no thanx I got this Mister!! lol

Are you single? Well it depends….it’s not FB official but I consider myself taken. lol

What’s your favorite vacation spot? My bed!

Where can our Xplode Powerboat fans find you?
My fans can find me on:
my website:

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